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Pressure vessel is a piece of closed equipment used to contain gas or liquid, and it can bear pressure. We can supply different kinds of pressure vessels, such as material transfer columns, chemical reaction kettle, high efficiency plate heat exchanger, sulfuric acid condensing unit, etc. The chemical reaction kettle is made of high quality material, and it shows good corrosion resistance to various kinds of acid, alkali and organic solvent. Meanwhile, this kettle also features excellent compressive strength, bending strength as well as electric insulation property, and it is suitable for different reaction procedures including distillation, evaporation, hydrocarbonylation, polymerization, condensation, thermostatic reaction, etc. On the other hand, our high efficiency plate heat exchanger has a compact structure, and it allows convenient cleaning as well as installation. Thus, it is ideal for exchanging heat. During the use of our products, some items should be checked in case any accident occurs. For example, whether there is flaw, leak or deformation on the outer surface, whether some part is overheated or other abnormal phenomena exist. Meanwhile, the fastening bolt must be complete and screwed tightly.

As a professional pressure vessel manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a wide range of products, including chemical reaction kettle, marine provision crane, steel rolling mill equipment, and more.

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