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Sulfuric Acid Condensing Unit

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Sulfuric Acid Condensing Unit

Sulfuric acid condensing unit is a device that used to remove heat in the sulfuric acid before returning to the material transfer columns. It adopts advanced and unique welding technique to ensure the high joint strength between pipes and plates, and it is the perfect choice for heat exchange of medium with strong corrosivity, acidity or oxidability.

Our product is made of inert material, and it is suitable for many kinds of mediums. It has some great features including low roughness, small friction coefficient, excellent lubricating property, stable heat transfer coefficient as well as good heat transfer performance, and the resistance when liquid flows in the pipe is also small. Meanwhile, the outstanding corrosion resistance enables the longer service life when compared with similar product made of other materials. This sulfuric acid condensing unit is applicable for seawater cooling, and it is also suitable for heating, refrigeration, water cooling and evaporation concentration of many surface treatments including electroplating, electrolysis, anodizing, phosphorization, acid pickling, aluminum polishing, oil removing, etc.

As a professional pressure vessel supplier, we can provide advanced equipment especially in petrochemical engineering industry, and our product has been exported to Japan, Canada, Brazil and other countries.

As an experienced sulfuric acid condensing unit manufacturer and supplier in China, Dalian GM Industry offers a comprehensive range of products, including metallurgical equipment / machinery, deck machinery, and more.

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