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High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger

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High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger

Our high efficiency plate heat exchanger is formed by stacking a series of corrugated metal sheets, and the plates build up a rectangular path. The plate is used to transfer heat, and this new product is an ideal device to exchange heat for liquid-liquid or gas-liquid. The corrugated plate has a uniquely designed structure, and high heat transfer coefficient is gained. Its compact structure ensures the large heat exchange area, while the floor space is quite small. In addition, the plate is produced through stamping process with a high level of standardization, and the use and installation are very convenient.

On the other hand, user just needs to loosen the compression bolt to dismount the plate for mechanical cleaning, so the maintenance is quite easy. Meanwhile, scaling is not easy to take place. Depending on the features above, this plate heat exchanger can be used in many fields, such as centralized heating project, condenser and evaporator in refrigeration industry, intermediate heat exchanger in boiler and high-rise building, etc.

Our company is a specialized high efficiency plate heat exchanger manufacturer in China. We offer a vast array of products, including metallurgical continuous casting equipment metal parts, marine provision crane, and more.

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