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Chemical Reaction Kettle

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Chemical Reaction Kettle Chemical Reaction Kettle

Chemical reaction kettle is a vessel used for physical or chemical reaction in industrial production. Its structure and parameters can be well designed to meet the requirements of many processing procedures, such as heating, cooling, evaporation, low speed and high speed blending, etc.

Our product consists of main body, cover, jacket, mixer, gearing, shaft sealing device, supporting device and other components. It shows good corrosion resistance to various types of organic acid, inorganic acid and organic solvent, and it also has the advantages of small internal stress, good elasticity, high hardness, good shock resistance as well as high bending strength and compressive strength. Based on these, our kettle is suitable for diverse reactions.

Dalian GM Industry is an experienced chemical reaction kettle manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as high efficiency plate heat exchanger, mooring winch, and steel rolling mill equipment.

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