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Material Transfer Columns

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Material Transfer Columns

Material transfer column is one kind of tower, and it is used to transfer materials between gas phase and liquid phase or between two liquid phases. The packing material is filled to a proper height, which will add the contact surface between two fluids. Meanwhile, different types of organic or inorganic solvents usually exist inside this product, so good corrosion resistance is a must. Our product uses packing material that shows outstanding resistance to corrosion, and it features large void fraction, big specific surface as well as high material transfer efficiency, so the long service life of our product is guaranteed. In addition, our material transfer columns have a simple structure, and allow convenient installation and use. Based on these advantages, our product is widely applied in the process of material transfer in petrochemical engineering industry.

As a China-based material transfer columns manufacturer and supplier, Dalian GM Industry also offers sulfuric acid condensing unit, marine solid waste and oil incinerator, among others.

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