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Marine Provision Crane

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Marine Provision Crane

This marine provision crane meets the latest requirements of Classification Society, and it is used to lift living goods as well as ship supplies. It consists of tower frame, oil tank, jib, slewing device, hoisting mechanism and luffing mechanism. The important parts, such as motor, reduction gear, gear pump and proportional valve, are all advanced products imported from other countries. Meanwhile, our product has some other great properties including large elevating capacity, wide working range, convenient maintenance, good adaptability to goods, etc. The product quality is ensured, and it is better than similar products on the market. Thus, it is widely used by New Times Shipbuilding Co. (NTS), New Century Shipbuilding Co. (NCS) and many other shipbuilding factories. In addition, custom made products are also available.

Marine provision crane is a lifting device used on ship, and it is set at the stern. Our product has a beautiful appearance, and it features no noise, easy operation, safe and reliable performance, good resistance to moisture and corrosion, etc. It is scientifically designed, and the travelling mechanism is still able to work normally if the heeling of ship is not over 5°. When our product stops working, it can be fixed firmly without slip.

As a specialized marine provision crane manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers marine solid waste and oil incinerator, steel rolling mill equipment, high efficiency plate heat exchanger, and more.

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