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Marine Diesel Engine Scavenging Air Box

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Marine Diesel Engine Scavenging Air Box

Marine diesel engine scavenging air box is a container used to store scavenging air and stabilize the air pressure, and it consists of main body, internal fuel injection system, rubber seal ring, etc. Our product is 6S60-MC series, and a partition plate is set inside to divide it into two parts, storage chamber and scavenging chamber. Air intercooler is installed in the scavenging chamber in order to enhance the air volume by pressurizing and cooling. The one-way valve is also equipped, and it can prevent the scavenging air from backflow.

During the use of our scavenging air box, some details must be paid attention to. The residual water and dirty oil inside should be removed regularly to maintain the clean condition, which can avoid fire caused by too much accumulated oil. In addition, if a scavenge fire occurs, the machine must be stopped immediately, and carbon dioxide or water vapor should by injected by fire extinguishing device to put out the fire.

Our company is an experienced marine diesel engine scavenging air box manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as marine solid waste and oil incinerator, mooring winch, and metallurgical continuous casting equipment metal parts.

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