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Marine Solid Waste and Oil Incinerator

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Marine Solid Waste and Oil Incinerator
Marine solid waste and oil incinerator exported to Japan KOBE Steel Company

As indicated by its name, marine solid waste and oil incinerator is used to burn solid waste and oil on ship, and our product is designed in compliance with the following standard: MARPOL 73.78 Annex VI, resolution for the prevention of air pollution from ship, adopted on 26 Sept. 1997 and into force on 19 May 2005.

Our product is mainly composed of three parts, main body, sludge tank with heater, and flue gas draught fan. Three oil sludge burning modes are supplied including electrical heating, steam heating as well as hot oil heating, and continuous feeding device is also provided. The running state is real-time monitored and recorded which is beneficial to the failure analysis, and the human-machine interaction interface facilitates the operation.

Technical Parameters
Capacity (Kcal/h) 100,000 180,000 500,000 800,000 1,200,000

The main body of incinerator contains combustion chamber, burner, control panel and built-in accessories. The combustion chamber is reasonably designed, and it is controlled by the control panel. There are few device failures, and the stable running of main body is guaranteed. Meanwhile, the combustion is very complete, and the use is safe and convenient. Our sludge tank includes heater, dirty oil circulating pump, liquid indicator, etc. On the other hand, the flue gas circulation system is composed of drought fan, damper regulator and expansion joint. This marine incinerator protects the sea and environment from pollution, and it can also make full use of garbage energy.

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