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Mooring Winch Mooring Winch Mooring Winch
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Mooring winch is a piece of lifting device that uses coiling block to coil cable wire or chain to lift or drag heavy objects. Our product has a compact structure, so it won't take up too much space of the deck, so enough activity space of ship is maintained. It has large elevating capacity, and the use and movement are very convenient. There is a chain stopper on the transmission mechanism, so the heavy object can be moved to the predetermined position. This mooring winch features easy operation as well as large wire coiling capacity, and it is suitable for heavy work or place that requires big pulling force. In addition, the load capacity of cable is related to the ship size, while the wire speed is usually not specifically required.

As a specialized mooring winch manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide marine diesel engine scavenging air box, steel rolling mill equipment, metallurgical continuous casting equipment metal parts, and chemical reaction kettle, etc.

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