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Metallurgy is a process during which metal or metal compound is extracted from ore and then metal is made into material with some properties through different methods. So, various kinds of metallurgical equipment are required, and dummy bar and segment are commonly used. Our dummy bar delivers the ingot into mold steadily, and it can block off the lower gate of mold very well to avoid down moving of molten steel. Meanwhile, steel rolling machines and components including roller device as well as roller table tying machine are supplied. The roller table tying machine features fast tying speed and high automation level, and it is suitable for the delivering and tying of plates. In addition, metallurgical car is also provided which is used to transfer molten iron or blast-furnace slag, and the transportation is very safe while the use is quite convenient.

Dalian GM Industry is a China-based metallurgical equipment / machinery manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as steel rolling mill equipment, metallurgical car (ladle car / slag pot car), and mooring winch.

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