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The 350T torpedo ladle car exported to India The 65T ladle car for Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp.
The 350T torpedo ladle car exported to India The 65T ladle car for Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp.

Metallurgical car belongs to the steel smelting field, and it mainly consists of tank, driving gear, tilting device, lubrication device and electrical device. Now, we can provide torpedo and cylindrical ladle cars with different specifications, such as 260T, 320T and 380T. Meanwhile, different types of slag pot cars are also supplied. Our product is very suitable for the steel casting industry, and our main market includes India and Brazil. In addition, our product has been accepted by Dalian Heavy Industry Group for many years.

Torpedo ladle car is a large transportation device for molten iron, and it is often adopted by iron and steel enterprises. This product is mainly used to transfer molten iron from blast furnace to rotary kiln to produce steel, or to iron casting shop to cast iron ingot. During the transportation, some treatments are applied depending on the requirement of steelmaking process, such as molten iron mixing, heat preservation, sulfur removal, phosphorus removal, etc. This product has a scientifically designed structure, and the key components are made through complex and strict process. Hence, the safety is ensured. On the other hand, our slag pot car is driven by a locomotive, and it is the specialized vehicle for delivering blast furnace slag.

As a China-based metallurgical car (ladle car / slag pot car) manufacturer and supplier, we also offer steel rolling mill equipment, marine solid waste and oil incinerator, and more.

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