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Steel Rolling Mill Equipmen Steel Rolling Mill Equipmen Steel Rolling Mill Equipmen Steel Rolling Mill Equipmen

Steel rolling is a press working process during which the shapes of ingot and billet are changed between rotating rollers, and our steel rolling mill equipment has been exported to USA, Italy and other countries.

1. Chain transfer is one part of steel rolling equipment, and it is used to transfer steel plate. This product is used by Danieli of Italy and Dalian Heavy Industry Group every year.
2. Roller table tying machine is suitable for delivering plate and tying work.
3. Roller device is a transportation device for metal section, bar, pipe, etc.
4. Straightening machine is used to straighten metal section, bar, pipe, etc.
5. Shearing machine is a piece of high speed steel rolling machine, and it can rapidly cut steel plate, pipe, coil, etc.

Steel rolling is able to improve the internal quality of steel and to get the desired shape, and we can supply different steel rolling machines including roller device, shearing machine, straightening machine, chain transfer and roller table tying machine. The straightening machine uses straightening rollers to extrude metal bar to change its straightness. It features high rigidity as well as good straightening property, and linear or rotating movement is applied to compress, bend and flattening the product for the purpose of straightening. On the other hand, our shearing machine has a compact structure and it allows convenient operation. The cut is perpendicular without any burr, and the straightness is very high, so it is very suitable for steel rolling process.

Dalian GM Industry is a professional steel rolling mill equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including metallurgical continuous casting equipment metal parts, marine provision crane, and more.

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