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Metallurgical Continuous Casting Equipment Metal Parts

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Metallurgical Continuous Casting Equipment Metal Parts
Segment for Danieli, Italy

The molten steel has very high temperature, and it can be continuously cast into ingot which has a certain section and a fixed dimension. This production process is called metallurgical continuous casting, and the corresponding equipment is called metallurgical continuous casting equipment. We can supply different metal parts for this equipment.

Dummy bar is used to block off the lower gate of mold when casting to prevent the leaking of molten steel. Dummy bars in different materials and specifications are provided, and parking device is also supplied. On the other hand, the segment is mainly used to clamp, guide and cool down the hot ingot, and it has a direct influence over the normal running of continuous casting machine. Moreover, the ingot quality is strongly affected by the segment as well. We can supply segments with various specifications according to the customer's requirements. Based on the outstanding performance, our metal parts are well accepted by many world famous companies. For example, our dummy bar is purchased by Siemag of Germany as well as Danieli of Italy, and the segment is accepted by Danieli and Dalian Heavy Industry Group.

We can offer metallurgical continuous casting equipment and corresponding metal parts. The dummy bar is an indispensable device to guide the ingot to the next procedure, and its head is able to rapidly solidify the molten steel in the mold and connects with it. Then, the driving roll of segment pulls the ingot that is just preliminarily solidified out of mold, and then dummy bar is removed. The dummy bar has a low failure rate, and it can ensure the stable running of ingot as well as the high working efficiency of continuous casting equipment. Our segment features high reliability, long service life and easy maintenance, and it can guarantee the normal working of continuous casting machine.

As a specialized metallurgical continuous casting equipment metal parts manufacturer and supplier in China, Dalian GM Industry also provides marine solid waste and oil incinerator, chemical reaction kettle, among others.

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